SphinxConnector.NET 3.6 has been released

by Dennis 13. June 2013 11:02

We're pleased to announce that SphinxConnector.NET 3.6 is available for download and via NuGet!

This release adds support for features that have been added to the current Sphinx development branch (Sphinx 2.2.1). This includes the ability to filter on JSON strings with the native API and support for the new Tf-Idf option, which has been added to both fluent and native API.

The fluent API now also supports the max_predicted_time option (Sphinx 2.1.1) and retrieving predicted metadata values (Sphinx 2.2.1). Additionally a regression in the FlushChanges method has been fixed, where internal exceptions weren't correctly wrapped in a FulltextException.

As always, the complete list of changes is available in the version history.