The most up to date documentation for SphinxConnector.NET can always be found here. Both the NuGet package and the ZIP package contain a .chm documentation file for easy offline access.

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Usage Examples

We've also prepared some examples for common usage scenarios.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which files/DLL's do I need to reference in my project?

If you installed SphinxConnector.NET from the NuGet package, you do not have to add any DLL manually. NuGet will take care of adding all needed libraries to your project.
If you downloaded the ZIP package, please add a reference to all the DLL's contained in the Required Libs folder to your project.

2. How do I enable logging?

Have a look at the SphinxConnector documentation for an example, or refer to the Common.Logging documentation in for an in-depth guide.

3. All my queries only return five results, although there should be more. Am I doing something wrong?

No, this is a limitation of the trial version and will go away as soon as you purchase a license key.

4. Okay, I purchased a key/got a trial key. Now my queries return 20 results, although there should be more. Why is that?

This is the default setting of the Limit property of SphinxClient.SearchOptions. Please change it to the desired value. If you are using the fluent API or SphinxQL, this is because there is an implicit LIMIT 0,20 set by Sphinx. If you want more results with the fluent API, you need to use the Limit/Take/Skip methods. With SphinxQL you have to specify a LIMIT clause, see also here.

5. Can I get a temporary license key to test the full functionality?

Yes, you can request a trial key here.

6. I cannot seem to find a method for escaping my query strings. Where is it?

The SphinxHelper class contains an EscapeString method.

7. Sphinx does not return the expected results for my query. I'm using the SphinxClient class. What could be the problem?

The first things to check, are the Error and Warning properties of the returned SphinxSearchResult. Other things to check are the settings for match mode and rank mode. There is no "right" or "wrong" there, but your current ranker/match mode may not be appropriate for the intended result.
Also check the query itself: if it has many filters, try to remove all of them and then re-add them one by one. That way, you can determine if any of the filters are responsible for the "wrong" result.

8. I'm using SphinxConnector.NET V2 with the native API and Sphinx 1.10/2.0.x and my string attributes show up empty in the result set. What am I doing wrong?

You need to set the version property of the SphinxClient class to 1.10.1 or 2.0.x eg. SphinxClient.Version = SphinxVersion.V204

9. Does SphinxConnector.NET run in a medium-trust environment?

Yes, as of version 3.0 SphinxConnector.NET can be run in a medium-trust environment with the additional requirement of SocketPermission.

10. How long will it take for me to receive my license key?

If you choose to pay via credit card or PayPal you'll usually receive your license within a few minutes after completing the order.

11. I have received my license key, what do I do with it?

Please use the *SetLicense* method of the *SphinxConnectorLicensing* class to set your license if you're using V3, For V2, please use the (static) *License* property of the *SphinxClient* class. It is usually best to place that code in the startup routine of your application.

12. I cannot purchase through your reseller, can I still buy a license?

Yes, please contact us directly and we'll work something out.

13. I am using SphinxConnector.NET in a Azure Web Project and receive the following exception: 'Not running in a hosted service or the Development Fabric'.

Set the Azure Role project as the startup project.