First, thanks for taking the time to submit a bug report and making SphinxConnector.NET even better! The following list is intended to give an overview about what information we need to quickly process a bug report.

What data should I include in a bug report?

  • SphinxConnector.NET Version
  • Sphinx Version (please include the exact revision, if you are not using an official build/source distribution)
  • Which API you are using (FluentAPI, SphinxQL, NativeAPI)
  • A description of the expected behavior vs. the actual behavior
  • The code that is causing the problem
  • The complete stacktrace, if available
  • Any non-default configuration setting e.g. connection string or convention configuration
  • The relevant parts of your sphinx.conf file i.e. index definition, searchd settings etc., when in doubt include the whole file.
    Make sure that you've removed any sensitive information!

Where should I send my bug report?

Please send your report to