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SphinxConnector.Common Namespace

Public classCpuStatistics
Provides CPU statistics for a query.
Public classIOStatistics
Provides I/O statistics for a query.
Public classLicenseException
The exception that is thrown on a licensing error.
Public classPredictions
Provides predicted meta data for a query.
Public classSphinxException
Base class for Sphinx exceptions.
Public classSphinxHelper
Provides helper methods.
Public classSphinxWordInfo
Provides statistical information about a word from a query.
Public enumerationHtmlStripMode
Determines the mode Sphinx uses when stripping HTML from excerpts.
Public enumerationIdf
Determines the calculation method Sphinx uses for the idf (Inverse Document Frequency).
Public enumerationPassageBoundary
Determines the passage boundary when building excerpts.
Public enumerationSortMethod
Indicates the sort mode that should be used for a query.
Public enumerationSphinxRankMode
Determines the rank mode searchd uses to rank matched documents.
Public enumerationTfIdf
Determines the calculation method Sphinx uses for the tf–idf (term frequency–inverse document frequency).