Announcing SphinxConnector.NET 2.0

May 02, 2010

We are pleased to announce that the next major release of SphinxConnector.NET is scheduled for release in the course of May 2010.


Full SphinxQL Support

Sphinx 0.9.9 introduced support for performing searches via a SQL based query language dubbed SphinxQL. With version 2.0, SphinxConnector.NET enables developers to take full advantage of this feature by providing data access classes based on ADO .NET 2.0 that can execute SphinxQL statements. Starting with Sphinx 1.10.1, SphinxQL can not only be used to select data from indexes, but also to insert data into the new real-time index type. SphinxConnector.NET will also support SphinxQL transactions, passing parameters to SphinxQL command objects and will provide a connection pool for SphinxQL connections.

New Logging Capabilities

The next big addition to SphinxConnector.NET is the new logging and tracing infrastructure. Developers will be able to output different types of log messages to help them identify problems or optimize their setup. Based on the Common.Logging library, the new logging infrastructure will integrate with the most popular .NET logging frameworks such as NLog, log4net or the Microsoft Enterprise Library.

Upgrading and Costs

SphinxConnector.NET 2.0 will be a free upgrade for existing customers, license keys valid for 1.x will continue to work with 2.0. Along with the release of the new version, there will be a modest increase in price, so if you are planning on purchasing a license, buy now at the current rates.

If you have any questions or want to send feedback about SphinxConnector.NET 2.0, contact us at