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SphinxConnector.NativeApi Namespace
Contains classes to access Sphinx via the native protocol.
Public classBuildExcerptsOptions
Represents the options for the BuildExcerpts() method.
Public classQueryFlags
Additional query flags. Supported with Sphinx 2.1.1 and up.
Public classSphinxAttributeMatch
Provides information about a matched attribute.
Public classSphinxAttributeOverrideTOverridable
Represents an attribute for which values should be overwritten.
Public classSphinxAttributeUpdateTUpdateable
Represents an attribute which should be updated with new values.
Public classSphinxBuildKeywordResult
Represents the result of the BuildKeywords() method.
Public classSphinxClient
Provides methods to access the functions offered by Sphinx using the native Sphinx protocol. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classSphinxClientException
The exception that is thrown when an error occurs.
Public classSphinxConversionException
Thrown in case a conversion from a .NET type to a Sphinx type fails.
Public classSphinxMatch
Provides information about a matched document.
Public classSphinxSearchOptions
Provides methods and properties to configure e.g. how searchd matches and sorts results, set filters on attributes etc.
Public classSphinxSearchResult
Represents the result of a query.
Public classSphinxStatusInfo
Provides the name and value of a status variable of searchd.
Public classSphinxVersion
Provides a convenient way to access to all supported Sphinx versions.
Public structureSphinxBigInt
Represents the Sphinx type big int.
Public structureSphinxBoolean
Represents the Sphinx type bool.
Public structureSphinxFloat
Represents the Sphinx type float.
Public structureSphinxInteger
Represents the Sphinx type uint.
Public structureSphinxOrdinal
Represents the Sphinx type str2ordinal.
Public structureSphinxString
Represents the Sphinx type string.
Public structureSphinxTimestamp
Represents the Sphinx type timestamp.
Public interfaceIFilterableType
Types that implement this interface can be used as type argument to the SetFilter() method.
Public interfaceIOverridableType
Types that implement this interface can be overriden via the SetOverride() method.
Public interfaceIRangeFilterableType
Types that implement this interface can be used as a type argument to the SetFilterRange() method.
Public interfaceISphinxType
Interface every implementation for a Sphinx type must implement.
Public interfaceIUpdateableType
Types that implement this interface can be updated via the UpdateAttributes() method.
Public enumerationSphinxAttributeType
Indicates the type of a Sphinx attribute.
Public enumerationSphinxGroupByFunction
Determines how the group by value is calculated.
Public enumerationSphinxMatchMode
Determines the mode searchd uses to match a document.
Public enumerationSphinxSortMode
Determines the sort mode searchd uses to sort matched documents.
Public enumerationUpdateAttributesOptions
Represents the options for updating attributes.