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SphinxConnector.FluentApi Namespace
Public classConnectionStringConfigurator
Provides methods to configure a connection string. If no methods are configured, the class will first look for a connection string named sphinx in the app.config file. If no connection string by that name is found, the default connection string of datasource=localhost;port=9306 will be used.
Public classConventionConfiguration
Used to configure the conventions used to e.g. determine index- and attributes names.
Public classFulltextException
The exception that is thrown if an error occurs in a full-text session
Public classFulltextSessionContext
Provides information about the current operation performed by an IFulltextSession.
Public classFulltextStore
Provides access to Sphinx.
Public classFunction
Provides functions for use within the fluent query API. These methods are intended to be used with the methods provided by the IFulltextQueryTDocument interface.
Public classGeodistanceOptions
Specifies the options to use for geo distance calculations. Supported with Sphinx 2.2.1 and up.
Public classKeyword
Provides tokenized and normalized forms of a keyword and keyword statistics.
Public classMultiQueryResult
Represents the result of a multi-query.
Public classCode exampleProjection
Provides methods to project properties into new values. The methods are intended to be used with the methods provided by the IFulltextQueryTDocument interface.
Public classQueryMetadata
Provides meta data information for a query.
Public classSettings
Provides access to the settings.
Public classSnippetsOptions
Represents the options for building snippets/excerpts.
Public classSuggestion
A suggestion for a word or query.
Public classSuggestionOptions
Represents the options for getting suggestions.
Public interfaceIAdvancedOperations
Exposes advanced operations.
Public interfaceIFulltextQueryTDocument
Represents a Sphinx full-text query.
Public interfaceIFulltextQueryOptionsTDocument
Provides methods to set the options for a query.
Public interfaceCode exampleIFulltextSession
Represents a full-text session.
Public interfaceCode exampleIFulltextStore
Provides access to Sphinx. Used to create instances of IFulltextSession and configuring the environment.
Public interfaceISphinxQLExecutor
Provides methods to execute SphinxQL commands.
Public enumerationGeodistanceCalculationMethod
Determines the calculcation method for geo distances.
Public enumerationGeodistanceInputUnit
Determines the input unit for geo distance calculations.
Public enumerationGeodistanceOutputUnit
Determines the output unit for geo distance calculations.
Public enumerationOperationType
Indicates the type of operation.
Public enumerationUdfReturnType
Indicates which type is returned from a user-defined function (UDF).