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With version 0.9.9 Sphinx introduced support for performing searches via a SQL based query language dubbed SphinxQL. Since version 2.0 SphinxConnector.NET enables developers to take advantage of this feature by providing data access classes that can execute SphinxQL statements.

Note Note

To exceute SphinxQL statements, you need to enable MySQL protocol support in Sphinx, by adding a listener entry to the Sphinx config file e.g. listen = localhost:9306:mysql41 For more information please refer to the Sphinx documentation.


The classes for executing SphinxQL statements are derived from the base classes provided by ADO.NET 2.0. Developers who have worked with other data providers based on ADO.NET, will immediately be familiar with the functionality provided. All SphinxQL related classes live in the namespace SphinxConnector.SphinxQL.

Core classes

Class nameDescription
SphinxQLConnectionRepresents a connection to Sphinx.
SphinxQLConnectionStringBuilderProvides a simple way to create and manage the contents of connection strings used by the SphinxQLConnection class.
SphinxQLCommandRepresents a SphinxQL statement to execute against Sphinx.
SphinxQLDataAdapterRepresents a set of data commands and a connection that are used to fill a DataSet.
SphinxQLDataReaderReads a forward-only stream of rows from Sphinx.
SphinxQLParameterRepresents a parameter for a SphinxQLCommand.
SphinxQLTransactionRepresents a transaction.
SphinxQLExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a SphinxQL error occurs.
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