SphinxConnector.NET 3.4 has been released

by Dennis 16. April 2013 11:45

We're pleased to announce that SphinxConnector.NET 3.4 is available for download and via NuGet!

With the new version you can now use the fluent API to execute SphinxQL queries and take advantage of its object mapping capabilities. This gives you the ability to gradually move existing SphinxQL queries to the fluent API, and to execute queries not yet supported by the fluent API without having to manually construct your document objects:

using (IFulltextSession session = fulltextStore.StartSession())
    ISphinxQLExecutor executor = session.Advanced.CreateSphinxQLExecutor();

    var parameters = new { query = "a product" };
    var results = executor.Query<Product>("SELECT * FROM products WHERE MATCH(@query)", 
parameters); }

Please note that this feature is only available with .NET 4.

Also, the fluent API now allows grouping by multiple attributes (Sphinx 2.1.2), and projections into anonymous types support using the document object as a property and the creation of nested anonymous types.